Is it time to turn to the role of social networks in the propagation of violence and hatred?!

Can’t question the pivotal role of the important played by social networks and techniques to communicate via modern Internet in the dissemination of information quickly, mobilizing attention to the issues of the society, and to enhance communication between people who is a thousand miles away from each other.

It is also logical that social networks are subject for subject not all of the technologies and innovations that can be the user of the human harnessed to benefit as he can exploit them in damage. But what we’re going to talk about is the pivotal role it seems that social networks play due to its unique ability to mobilize interest and provoke emotions by giving impressions is true only for the category of community a single are in that category that use social networks heavily.

Conducted by researchers of two German doctors at the University of Warwick study included all registered cases of crimes of violence against refugees in Germany for two years, which amounted to 3335 case, examining the study all the variables and special circumstances in which it was signed of such crimes and cases, and compare changes in those places and how great those changes in the rates of violent crimes against refugees and hate crimes throughout that period.

Findings of the study to the amazing result that the variable most influence on the rate of hate crimes against refugees is the extent of the spread and use “Facebook” in the cities that signed those offences. In all of those cities that is getting the rate of spread of Facebook on average in Germany observed an increase in the rate of hate crimes, the increased rate of use of Facebook for each person in any city in Germany rose slightly, increasing the incidence of hate crimes by up to 50%.

What has increased the credibility of this engagement is that in those times, which affected the internet service in several German cities, the problems of technology led to the interruption of internet service, it was recorded considerable decrease in the rate of hate crimes against refugees.

Due researchers German that outcome to that social networks, primarily Facebook, to make reality a virtual non-crossing physical reality only expresses the goer, in the sense, that users of “Facebook” in those cases due to familiarize them with the numerous publications talk about the refugees negatively with a number of teachers in those publications, have a sense of not the fact that the popularity of the refugees is generally low, and society as a whole refuses to face them by the biggest lot of fact, what leads to generate hatred additional towards immigrants, The focus of the channel goer social media sites that they are a vulnerable group SPAM of its existence.

While some may be tempted to believe that such conclusions may represent the individual case especially in Germany, for example, that while didn’t know “Facebook” is officially on the results of that study, except that the company is no doubt aware that location plays a role in spreading hatred and violence, perhaps because of his considerable influence to guide public opinion among the patrons. The work of “Facebook” recently in very, very serious on the face of the phenomenon of spreading false news and fake, which cause many of the misconceptions and perhaps to mobilize public opinion in the wrong way, through the provision of new technical work on the assessment of users in terms of confidence in the correctness of what they publish from the content of the show this ratings beside the name of the user.

The company also recently deleted more than 5,000 of the Declaration calls for racial segregation, as the work to provide a measure of the credibility of the news published that are traded on the site.

Will social networks view to prevent ill-use her and I don’t know precisely what is the most appropriate solution to reduce the effects of side bad to use it, but certainly I have is that the increased awareness of the personal to the user, and use it with what is called content with a critical eye and realize that what you see is subject to the standards of right and wrong like anything else in life is as inevitable as always.

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