Is it time to kill Google Plus?

Since the launch of Google Plus in 2011, twice the network of social contracts is difficult, where is this trying to Google the fourth in platform release social after all of Google Buzz, Google Friend Connect وOrkut, where it didn’t work. google plus access to hope organizers.

In fact, everyone knows that Google Plus didn’t cast a great success over the years, despite trying to Google product marketing social of 2015 when it announced the presence of 540 million monthly active users, which is what I think everyone that is not a precise figure for active users already, and that’s why, when the company announced early this year its intention to launch a new application for social on Android platform, many thought that Google is trying to revive the service of social networking again, but it seems that this can’t go on much anymore.

Announced Google France today that they will be closing the page Google Plus official, to develop users to follow the company on both facebook and twitter instead, which clearly indicates the intention of the company to stop supporting the social network soon, or to be developed in a different direction completely.

It is worth mentioning that Google has defended the social network by saying it is not a direct competitor of Facebook, but its platform allows users to collect information from Google services different and communicate with each other in theme and revolve around the services of different company and has managed the google plus, some thing, in this context, where he helped on the growth of a number of societies, the development of the Android and a lot of users prefer to visit the site once every few weeks, even though I said to use actively the fact.

This in spite of the closure of Google France page on google plus, you may see a shift in the direction of product development social soon is smiling more about the appropriate social network to the other, instead of stopping the service completely.

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