Is it the 5G dream of lowering the price of your iPhone?

We talked previously in several articles that Apple has a chance this year at a time over competitors in the prices of their devices, rumors say that Apple will lower the price of X is$ 100 to start at$ 899 instead of 999$, but it seems that these dreams will evaporate because the world’s transition to 5G technology which starts its global presence next year.

هل يقتل 5G حلم تخفيض سعر الآي فون؟

How to develop techniques general?

There are techniques to adopt special techniques to be a way to lighting Samsung for OLED to them; this technique will be exclusive to Samsung recorder but it is not something in which will not benefit them only buys the screen from Samsung. But it’s different like in the SIM, all companies use the same slide; the same in the USB in the computers and HDMI. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi as well as communication networks. Here are used all the companies around the world the same thing cannot be exclusive to buy one. It is unreasonable to say HTC is right just use the Bluetooth 6.0 such as the (non-existent this perfect). So how do you develop these techniques?

This is made up by alliances between companies, for example, Bluetooth and USB are the institutions involved in many companies and research to develop these techniques. In the case of Bluetooth like most companies around the world Shared in the development of the technical this but the situation is quite different in the communication and to the fourth generation LTE or V-5G. With each company independently or in collaboration with others to develop techniques of their own because the conflict here by compete every company that wants to reach the fastest way to contact the police and remember how much fun the Samsung currently of Apple because the devices S9 fastest Internet connection of the iPhone X.

Now that we know how to develop technologies, we can answer the question, How will this affect the price of your iPhone?

Apple will pay more

After that the development of each company’s technology to its own Register of patents of its own and is not entitled to any company around the world that use their technology without prior permission. There are 3 leading companies you think are developed basically the 5G is “not on their own, but they’re basically” these companies are “Nokia and Ericsson and ko you”. Yes No related to company Nokia is still a leader in research and development does not mean the death of the Department of phones that Nokia has ended. It is the same with Ericsson, which disappeared mentioned after its separation from Sony phones, Sony Ericsson is famous, but these companies specialized mainly in the research and development of technologies. And, of course, with them leading the industry in this area “Qualcomm” enemy of the Apple arch which of course will support him in the policy rule 855 also take part.

Days before the Company held the coordination agreement between them to use their patents which build it will be for those who want to use the 5G technology has to pay to buy the Nokia 3 euros (3.5 dollars) and Ericsson get 2.5-5.0 USD according to the price of the device. The Qualcomm as it is known they get a ratio and that ratio would be 2.275% of the sale price of the device until the 400$ price increases to 3.5% in the case of use of the 5G/4G/3G technology of their own which probably means that’s what the group of 21$ or more on Apple pay as “fees” to support the technique of the fifth generation.

Impact fees on the price of the iPhone

Maybe some see that 21$ is very low and will not affect Apple and the iPhone but that’s not true. it is known that Apple achieved the highest profit margin of the iPhone, for example, the cost of cutting iPhone X more the price of the cost of the iPhone 8 plus $ 82$ but Apple has made the price difference of$ 200. This means that increase the cost of the item fees 21$ means the accounts of Apple to increase the sale price of$ 50. This dispels the old neighborhoods that Apple will reduce the price of the iPhone X for 100 $ because there are$ 50 a increased because of the fee and of course there are other visits.

Maybe not the iPhone killer

It is known that Apple company thought long before adding the techniques milestone so she said a lot of sources that the iPhone, which will be issued after two weeks will not support 5G without iPhone next year. But the beginning of 2019 will be issued a Samsung S10 and of course will pay 5G a will become it has the killer feature and that is support their area with 5G around the world have the acquisition of Samsung Devices or P30 from Huawei or any other phone but not the iPhone. Imagine that you will go to the Apple Store and buy the latest phone but it does not support the new network. Logical and theoretical calculations Apple will not support 5G this year, but maybe you want to get the title of the first phone to pioneer support networks of the fifth generation. Difficult choice of expensive material. The amount of 21$ per device means more than 5 million dollars a year pay their Apple Cole Your and Nokia Ericsson. The state will be the iPhone and iPad also. And unreasonable to hide the Apple price iPhone and then decorate it the next year again, so we expect that the price becomes as is 999$ for the X

Do you expect to increase the Apple price of iPhone support 5G? And is this the year? Or decide on is usually that the move is the difference in cost?


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