Is it possible to install iOS apps not from the App Store? The court will decide

The U.S. Supreme court will hear the case about the possible monopolization of the market of Apple iOS apps by not download software from third-party catalogues, reports Wired. This could be the main reason for the formation of high prices for programs, preventing the development of competition in this area.

The answer Apple

In case of recognition guilty the Apple in the creation of a monopoly, the company faces a fine and forcing users to ensure equal conditions for access to all platforms distribution application. Following Apple’s court-mandated maximum levels the difference between Android and iOS, but, undoubtedly, will lead to global market changes.

Free App Store

Android users may download apps from the official Google Play, but from a third-party, including the Amazon AppStore, F-Droid and others. As a result, consumers have access to alternative directories in the software where sometimes not even charged for the download. Such generosity, however, often kompensiruet complete lack of control over published.

In reference to the claim Apple lawyers haven’t agreed with the plaintiff. According to official representatives of the company, before the advent of the App Store concept and mobile application stores was extremely blurred, not allowing to talk about the existence of the market itself and a possible violation of Apple’s existing economic model because of its simple lack.

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