Is expected to keep Apple in design to the current iPhone until the year 2020 at the very least

iPhone XS Max

If you are not impressed with the design adopted by Apple in its phones modern smart, you will have to get used to it or look for an alternative because according to the Chinese warrior famous Ice Universe, it seems that Apple is determined to keep the same design language used in the iPhone XS current until the year 2020 to say the least. After that, expected to build the screens with the hole.

The idea to use Apple in the use of screens provided by the iPhone coming in Year 2019 is not a surprise, it is Phone iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR is a new models, and keeps Apple usually designs for two generations at least. What’s very interesting is the suggestion that Apple will exchange the screens with a hole, which is a design posed by Huawei and Samsung recently.

Although the holes in the screen is much smaller than the widget on the iPhone, we don’t really say that the design is free of distractions. There are some people who do not exercise are in fact screens with hole and claim that over time, you can ignore the hole in the screen easily and it does not live the actual use of the phone.

I tried a few companies such as Oppo Find ways to avoid the widget in the screen through the use of the design of the camera the pop-up, but it seems that it is not adopted this design significantly by other manufacturers. Anyway, please deal with the content of this report with the least amount of protection at the moment, it is early to predict what will come out of iPhone in the year 2020, but what is your opinion? Do you want to see the iPhone fitted with a hole at the level of the screen to the front camera instead of the widget?

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