Iran will continue to use cryptocurrencies contrary to the prohibition of Central Bank

On Monday, the Central Bank of Iran issued a decree banning Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the country. In the opinion of management, this will help to prevent money laundering, which in turn should supposedly bring the state out of crisis. Despite the announced ban, the people of Iran will continue to use coins.

Ban cryptocurrencies appeared not for all

Information was confirmed by the Minister for communications and information technology of Iran Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi. The official did not consider that the order applies to all spheres of life of citizens. It is reported RIA.

Directive of the Central Bank that banks are prohibited to use cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, does not mean that the use of digital currency for internal development is prohibited or restricted.

The government is hard at work on the creation of local cryptocurrencies. Approval Jahromi, an experimental model of these coins have already been created.

The future of the world is based on the use of cryptocurrencies, and for this reason we must follow it to get result.

What will result from the efforts of developers and officials — is unknown. I hope it will go further analogue El Petro, which is not all right with the sales results.

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