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The invitation was received by few. It was mysterious, in moderation. The text reads “It’s only rock n roll but we like it”, on the reverse side of the time, place and the name of invitees. Willing to spend the time figured even the main character of the upcoming event… on Wednesday, 9 September 2009, elect was invited to the event which will start at 10 am Pacific time (hour of day East coast time) at center for the Arts Yerba Buena in San Francisco. 9 Sep 2008 there was held the Apple Music Event dedicated to the iPod and iTunes. And in the picture the headphone cable is connected to the bottom of the device is the iPod touch! That’s it…

The front side of the invitation:

So at the special event will present a tablet from Apple (and many thought all the time about it, that’s why), or iPod touch with built – in camera), or both. And something else, like iTunes 9. Will hold the event Steve, or obey the ban doctors?

By itself broke out of the unbridled and ruthless advertising campaign that Apple did not have to spend a dime. Is not satisfied for any money.

At 10 am, on the stage of Yerba Buena came Steve jobs, even more thin, than at the end of 2008, but very happy. He was given a standing ovation. Received a standing ovation. The company’s shares on the new York stock exchange NASDAQ, the applause in San Francisco increased by a half percent.

Historians of the stock exchange and could not remember another case that good news about the health of the CEO affects the stock prices of their companies.

Steve reported that all is now well, five months ago he had a liver transplant 20-year-old donor, who died in the accident. And eagerly took the job. Doctor, once again, were ignored…

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iPhone, iPhone OS and other heating

Saying that the theme was iPod and iTunes, renovated Steve left the topic. In a few words.

30 million iPhones. Two years and three months of sales.

One reason for this – the App Store, which is little more than a year. It 75 thousands of applications they have already downloaded 1.8 billion times – not counting updates. With updates several times more.

Another reason is the operating system. The new version, iPhone OS 3.1, “minor”, but with many improvements and new features. Bug fixes, improved support of iTunes and sync, anti-phishing in Safari…

Most important, according to Steve is a Genius and ringtones (for $1.29 in the iTunes Store, they have 30 thousand, a function of previewing it – all adult).

Genius, about which wrote Fortune Magazine: “Genius (genius) – pure genius.” Generation of recommendations based on the analysis of the preferences of the client. In iPhone OS 3.1 genius works and in the App Store using the same algorithms for recommendation applications.

Download iPhone OS 3.1 is free for all iPhone users and for those who have iPod touch with iPhone OS 3.0 installed. For the rest – of $9.95.

A real operating system, but the old was still called “IOS” as used to call anything remotely similar to the operating system in the normal iPod. The new “wretched girl” for the iPhone and iPod touch. There are no words.

iTunes 9… there is a Lot of interesting and useful, and most importantly: understand how to use it all, quickly download!

And when talking about the tablet?

iPod touch is a gaming platform?

Since the beginning of hopeless adventure by the name of the iPod it took 8 years, during which time they had sold 220 million. One of the most successful products in history.

20 million of them – iPod touch. Because it is a great iPod, it’s a great pocket computer (seriously!) and great gaming platform. It already Phil Schiller.

The idea of turning the iPhone and others like him in the gaming platform skeptics perceived with irritation and indignation: what kind of idiot would trust a fragile expensive toy for the kids? Them idiots don’t even mind: they run, their example will serve as another science.

There are Sony Playstation, Nintendo and other developed taking into account this factor, behind them decades of experience, they have been, are and will continue to own this market.

Don’t be the iPhone and iPod touch the chances in this field, and the high cost and fragility would have killed them, placing the cross on the platform would be for them to write violent pamphlets of aggressive tone in the tens (or even hundreds) of authors? Remembering the “12 reasons why iPhone cannot be a gaming platform”, convincingly reasoned article more intelligent than the author, shudder – I was in the subject, but even I had doubts.

In September 2009 it was already obvious that neither the 12 nor yet of 144 thousand serious reasons do not prevent the triumphant success of the iPhone OS in this theater of operations. And besides the obvious idiocy of the population, the success was quite understandable reasons.

Graphics, sound, animation, visual effects, change the position of the device instead of pressing the button – it was important and good, but even more important was the App Store.

21 178 games from 75, 000 apps. The ease of acquisition and more low prices, high quality and variety. Among them there were those who a year ago was not available to everyone powerful desktop computer.

In the stores the Sony Playstation was proposed 607 games Nintendo the range was better – 3 680 games. In the App Store again, games was 21 178, and most likely more to their number every day added approximately 50. And it was a real gold rush, and thousands of talented adventurers get up so…

This fever is still waiting for its Jack London. I even guess why she did not wait for his depiction of the process turned into “what if you try”, and…

Success stories (there were many) wrote the marketing service. The clerk, in his spare time, fascinated. Wrote a program, uploaded it to the App Store, set a price of 3.99$ for the first month it was bought almost a hundred thousand people. Was clerk and he was gone.

iPhone vilify him for his weakness and lack of seriousness, “mobile” – whether it is a stealth aircraft and other achievements. But he did so many happier than those who wanders the streets buried in a smartphone, like a zombie, all interfering and putting themselves at risk, and not only Apple (billions – a thing necessary, especially for honestly earned), and all of whom he involved in this exciting and incredibly difficult game…

iPod touch (Late 2009)

He was WITHOUT a camera. Three versions with 8, 32 and 64 Gigabytes. The model does not dare to name the iPod touch 3G, for fear of confusing the public by similarity with cellular communication of the third generation and vain. Economy version, with 8 Gigabytes, was the previous iPod touch, and was offered for the magical price of $ 199.

The others… they didn’t Have the camera. The company’s stock price flew down. And the FM receiver was not. No compass, no A-GPS.

Camera (video) appeared, but the iPod nano (5G).

The operating system on the new iPod touch (3G) was installed other, iPhone OS 3.1.1, but a deep automation of the upgrade process took all cares about this insignificant and particular for yourself. By the way, the new Touch began to call so: iPod touch (3G), and no one in the audience (except the most gifted) the ambiguity of this designation problems did not cause.

299 and 399 dollars. 399 for 64 Gigabytes in your pocket!

Under the hood…

Technical specifications iPod touch (and iPhone) was not classified information, they simply announced publicly. Who is interested?

iPod touch (Late 2009) with 8 Gigabytes of memory is almost the same iPod touch (2G), with the changes, but not much.

SoC (CLS, “computer on a chip”), based on the ARM11 core, Samsung S3C6400. The regular frequency of the processor 620 MHz is reduced to 533 MHz to reduce power consumption. RAM 128 Megabytes. Bus clock rate 133 MHz.

GPU – PowerVR MBX-Lite. With support for OpenGL ES 1.1.

Geekbench 2 – 186 points. His age, iPhone 3G – 135.

The identifier of the model iPod2,1.

iPod touch (3G) with model ID iPod3,1 was “50% faster”. By the way, it really was the place for a video camera, not occupied by anything.

Because of density, in which every cubic millimeter of space was at a premium, this fact does not leave much room for other versions: the camera was going to build, but at the last moment changed his mind.

The rest was no less interesting. SoC (CLS, “computer on a chip”), based on the ARM Cortex-A8 Samsung S5PC100. Default frequency is 833 MHz, is reduced to 600. Bus clock rate is 150 MHz. The amount of RAM is 256 Megabytes.

Judging by the marking on the SoC in the iPod touch (3G) used a later version S5PC100 than the iPhone 3GS (339S0075ARM is 339S0073ARM), from which the pathologist concluded that higher productivity (or a higher level of perfection) KNK iPod touch (3G). Controversial. It’s just a slightly different version of rather be without something than with something which is not in the version for 3GS.

The comparison of the filling chips is not reached – so that all hypotheses have the right to life.

Graphics processor PowerVR SGX with OpenGL ES 2.0. The difference between 1.1 and 2.0 OpenGL ES is huge.

Broadcom BCM4329, 802.11 n, iPod touch (3G) is unused. By the way, the iPhone 3GS used the chip BCM4325, without support 802.11 n.

Geekbench 2 – 278 points. Almost exactly x1,5.

Where is the tablet?

Some still did not understand. One of our countryman has published a review of tablets (i.e., tablet?) released by Apple on 9 September – it looks small, it’s no hassle, there are no buttons, and its high price is absolutely not justified by its contents. Boom!!!

Almost all the reviews of the product on a decent level, including critical – but interesting, ate. And this review I fell again, ten years later…

To be continued

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