IPhone XS Max was burned in the pocket of one of the users

Burning phone iPhone XS, Max in the pocket of a user in one region of the United States of America, said the owner of the phone that uses it since 3 weeks before a fire.

The owner of the phone said he was out to lunch, the phone in the back pants pocket before the smell the smell of smoke, indicating that he felt a lot of heat, and dealing with the situation by the fire extinguisher.

The owner of the phone also said that he know the burn in the buttock area, adding that he went to the store Apple, demanding in to get a new phone, but customer service didn’t respond in the beginning to grant him a new phone.

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Allegedly the guy that bought the phone 3 weeks prior to the incident, which leaves free a small abuse use of the battery in the long run, but the report indicates that the phone was in the “back pants pocket”, which refers to the presence of pressure on the battery.

Source: iDropNews

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