iPhone XS Max has not lived up to expectations

Probably for anybody not a secret that the latest iPhone model sold not as good as originally planned. According to analysts of the City Research, the problem lies in the iPhone XS Max, and to be more precise, its value. Experts believe Apple will once again cut production, but this time the changes will affect only the largest iPhone model.

Despite the fact that Apple for the first time offers consumers such a large version of the iPhone, it does not contributed to successful sales. All because of a extremely high price, exceeding the psychological mark of $1099 for the basic version. Experts believe that an American company will go on another reduction in production orders. According to Citi Reseach, supply iPhone XS Max will decrease from 50 million to 45 million devices. If to speak about the sale itself, according to the forecast, plan Apple will be performed only at 48%.

The negative Outlook City Reseach shared by other experts. However, in most cases, analysts attributed the reduction in production due to low demand for the iPhone iPhone XR and XS, whereas XS iPhone to the Max virtually no issues.

It is likely that Apple will reconsider its pricing policy for iPhone in the next year. True to expect a significant price reduction still not worth it. Under the most favorable scenario, the fall in the cost will be about 15-20%.

Recall that sales of the new line of iPhone was launched in Russia on September 26. The basic version of the iPhone XS iPhone XS is available for Max and 96990 87990 rubles, respectively. At the end of October to buy has also become available XR and iPhone, available for 64990 rubles for the version available.

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