iPhone XR was the best-selling smartphones in Taiwan during the month of November

iPhone XR

Through many analysts in recent years about the doubts about the sales volume harvested by the phones iPhone New, some even predict that Apple reduced the pace of production more in the future. And of course we won’t know how good the performance of the company up to reveal its financial report the following, but at the moment it seems that the iPhone XR does a good job in at least one country.

According to a new report released recently from the website Patently Apple, it says that in the month of November last, was iPhone the XR is the best-selling smartphones in Taiwan, followed by the Galaxy A7 is ranked second, the phone iPhone XS Max in the second place, the phone iPhone XS in fourth place.

What’s very interesting is that within the smartphones the ten best sellers in the month of November, I got iPhone from the Apple six times, while the Samsung phones on the two ranks, the same goes for a company Oppo. Of course, the credit for the success of the phone iPhone the XR back to its low price, at least compared to the two phones the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

However, iPhone XR is not cheap compared with rival phones from other companies, but for what he offers, we assume that a good alternative for those who don’t prefer to spend 1000 $ on an iPhone. In fact, this report is in line with what was announced by Apple earlier when I said that the iPhone XR was most awarded for sales of all iPhones since its launch.


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