iPhone XR was responsible for 32% of the total sales of the iPhone in the first month of the United States

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Today, the Foundation Consumer Intelligence Research Partners specialized in the market research released its report the latest about the status of iPhones in the smart phone market of the United States of America. Given that Apple no longer disclose the number of units sold of smartphones, it has become difficult to know how was the performance of iPhone in the market, especially after she explained many of the reports that the sales of phones iPhone new not large.

According to this report, it has been the iPhone XR responsible for 32 percent of total sales received by iPhones in the first month of their availability, while stands of the two phones the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max Beyond 35 percent of the share of Apple in the market.

Follow the Apple a different way in the launch of its smart phones this year, it has launched two phones expensive two iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max immediately and decided to wait for a whole month before the launch of iPhone XR to allow more users of the iOS loyal customers to upgrade to smart phones, the newest and most remarkable.


On the contrary, the Apple in 2017 the launch of iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus immediately and postpone the launch of iPhone X for about a full month in order to generate more hype about the device. At that time, the iPhone X is responsible for 30 percent of total sales of iPhone in the first month, which provided for purchase.

According to the same report, 82 percent of customers upgrading from iOS devices old, while 16 percent upgraded from Android phones. Saw the 2017 a little bit of difference in the numbers so that the 86 percent of iOS devices old upgraded to iPhone modern, while 11 percent upgrading from Android devices.

Based on this percentage of sales of the iPhone, was the iPhone that was released in the year 2017, representing 69 percent of the total sales of the iPhone, while the iPhone new that was released this year 65 percent of total sales this year, a decrease by a minor. It should be noted that the estimate of these figures based on the views of the 165 participants in a survey of the views after one month on the launch of the iPhone XR in the day of 26 October 2018.


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