IPhone XR the best-selling in the first quarter of 2019

In the report of the barrage of Recent Financial did not provide details or Numbers about the sales of phones faith, but in another report of the CIRP recent publication it was pointed out that the iPhone XR is the most selling in the United States in the first quarter of 2019.

iPhone-XR best selling 2018 model

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For the first time in the history of Apple has demonstrated the technology giant its financial report without revealing sales numbers of the phones, except that one of the companies that offer analytics for sales of phones confirmed that the iPhone XR is the top-selling between the versions of Apple particularly in the United States.

Begins the first quarter of 2019 from October 2018 and lasts until February, where they took an iPhone XR to 39% of sales of phones iPhone according to the scouting done by market analysts, at the time that I set off all of the iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max in the market on the 21st of September, while iPhone XR in the markets on the 26th of October.

As noted in the report of CIRP to the lower cost that came with phone iPhone XR to markets, with the large screen size support phone chip processor A12 possible paid phone sales significantly for other versions of Apple, so may be the most important factors that support the sales of the phone in the screen is a great size and pricing at least for sure.

This is besides the storage capacity according to CIRP, which confirmed that the higher the storage capacity in the phone 256 GB comes at a lower cost versions of the top phones from iPhone iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max prompting a lot of users to choose iPhone XR.


I know of

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