iPhone XR applies to the Saudi market at a starting price of 3299 SAR

This topic iPhone the XR applies to the Saudi market at a starting price of 3299 SAR appeared on Engadget.

Applies iPhone the XR officially to the Saudi market now at a starting price of 3299 Sar, with a set of features we use in the next lines.


Made the Apple version of the distinctive new phones iPhone recently iPhone XR, which is available to users in the Saudi market at a starting price of 3299 SAR model is possible with a storage capacity of 64 GB.

Also comes model is possible by storage of the larger 256 GB of iPhone XR at a higher price 3949 SAR.

In the design of the iPhone XR offer Apple design framed from aluminum, with the standards of IP67 for water and dust resistance which is lower than the versions of Apple other iPhone XS iPhone XS Max.

IPhone XR also supports wireless charging technology this year, also comes in box charger the ability of 5W only.

No different iPhone XR in the specs significantly on the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max, it comes to market at good prices compared to other versions.


The thickness of the iPhone XR is 8.3 mm, and weight of the phone to the 194 grams, so offers a better experience when holding it with one hand compared to the phone iPhone XS Max.

In the front of the phone iPhone the XR shows the black frame surrounding the police clearly certainly compared to my phone iPhone XS Max iPhone XS.

Also the phone comes with a screen of 6.1 inches which you know from Apple B Liquid Retina HD, with the quality of the presentation of 1792 in 828 pixels, or 326 pixels per inch, the phone also offers wide colour supported DCI-P3, so the screen of the phone show very enjoyable for the user.


Also, although the color saturation in the iPhone XR not trying to what is offered by Apple in the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max with the screen OLED, but the iPhone XR is the best possible versions of LCD, with the best brightness in the screen provided a very clear vision when use in the open spaces with the light of the sun.

In the specification of the audio comes iPhone XR also two of the speakers produce each sound with the highest performance, as the phone supports Wi-Fi 802.11 ac with the frequency range of my double.

It also houses the phone’s processor chip Apple 12 Bionic fast response to 2.49 GHz, where the integrated devices in the phone with software to your phone the best performance to the user.

Comes not phone the iPhone the XR with the property of 3D in the screen, but it does not affect the efficiency of the performance of the phone, the phone also comes capacity battery 2942 mAh it’s also good to support the user thanks to efficient components of the phone with software that supports to adjust the power consumption in the phone to keep the battery in support of the user until the end of the day.


Cell phone, iPhone XR background characteristic sensor 12 mega pixel camera with aperture f1.8 a wide range of supports photography Portrait it lacks the full control of a second supported optical zoom telephoto such as the iPhone XS Max.

But don’t choose the other specs in the photography and video recording in iPhone the XR on the other versions, where the phone supports 4K video recording at 60 frames per second.

Camera front the phone comes sensor accurately 7 mega pixel camera with aperture lens the f2.2 the advantage of recording 1080p video at 60 frames per second, with installation feature, digital, support facial recognition technology with the highest performance.

So the iPhone XR good choice if you want to get most of the specifications of the other versions of Apple but with a lower price compared to phones iPhone XS iPhone XS Max.

Also is a good choice if you want to get advantage of the optical zoom, telephoto, or display screen of the OLED in the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max with the saturation more in the colors, where the screen of the Liquid Retina HD in iPhone XR performance characteristic supports the user optimally.

This topic iPhone the XR applies to the Saudi market at a starting price of 3299 SAR appeared on Engadget.

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