IPhone X – the story of the iPhone the most successful yet!

Late last year provided us the Apple iPhone X and it is a special version of the iPhone on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the launch of the first iPhone in 2007. IPhone X wasn’t revolutionary only at the level of design and specification and advantages, but also on the level of sales and profits even though its price is extremely high compared with other phones available in the market and in the middle of forming another in its success.

آيفون X : قصة الآيفون الأكثر نجاحاً حتى الآن!

IPhone X : the story of the iPhone the most successful yet!

IPhone X .. success out from the competition!

Recently published by Counterpoint competent market research report on the sales and profits of smartphones in the last quarter of 2017, and as usual the phones iPhone eight centres in the list of phones, the ten most profitable.

آيفون X : قصة الآيفون الأكثر نجاحاً حتى الآن!

IPhone X : the story of the iPhone the most successful yet!

IPhone X alone can make 35% of smartphone profits combined, i.e. that the profits of the file Optional the smartphone industry in the last quarter of 2017, one third of which went to the iPhone X.

IPhone X was launched almost in November and December of 2017, only that the profits achieved by the cooperation of almost five times the profit of 600 companies made for Android phones with the during that period!

How did Apple TV?

According to the statements of Tim Cook chief executive of apple, the iPhone X list of phones best-selling weekly since its launch, and the success of the iPhone X has surpassed the expectations of Apple.

We can attribute the success of the iPhone X to several reasons, most notably inheritance, long for the Apple TV in manufacturing the iPhone and the development of hardware and operating systems and good reputation that built Apple as a brand trusted throughout the previous years, besides creativity and the renewal of confidence in the iPhone X on level design and specifications.

Might not be iPhone X phone is better in all respects but we do not exaggerate if we said that there are phones other may miss him in many aspects, but parking iPhone X on the solid ground of the reputation of Apple and the Mac machine, its propaganda and the confidence of the user in the phone this wow!

In your opinion, what are the reasons for the success of the iPhone X? And what is your experience with it?

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