iPhone X raise market share to Apple in Spain, Germany, China

iPhone X TrueDepth Face ID

In the three months ended in the month of December of the year 2017, has seen Apple good increase in its market share in key markets, this thanks to the good performance of the phone iPhone X in those markets, at least according to Kantar WorldPanel specialized in market research.

Despite the sales slowdown in the United States and the United Kingdom, France and Italy, has seen Apple increase in Spain, Germany, Australia and Japan, but the largest increase experienced by Apple in China where it increased its market share increased by 10.1 percent to 28.6 percent.

In the United States of America, representing the Apple season about 70.8 percent of the total smartphone sales in the fourth quarter of 2017. Experienced company Huawei, which failed in signing a deal with telecommunications companies America is a slight depression in its market share reached 0.4%.

Has been Samsung’s biggest seller of smartphones in the fourth quarter of 2017. In Europe, the company has seen Samsung’s growth in their sales by 2.2 percent to its share of the overall market there to 31.3%. Finally, during the last quarter of last year in the United States of America, 96 percent of the millions of iPhone and buy another phone from Apple also.


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