IPhone users delete their emails end up in error because Apple

It is impressive how a small change can hinder our routine, especially if used to implement operations very quickly on a daily basis.

For example, the process of answering emails, is important, so that they may be used on the places of the buttons so that they change their place lead to the implementation of the different processes entirely, and this is what happened to users of iPhone.

The Apple implementation of modifications in the design of the e-mail application, so that put the Recycle Bin button next to the reply button that get used to users, which was available separately, so instead of answering the messages, the users delete them by mistake.

Many users stop by this amendment in Twitter, so that problem is obvious and the question most prominent How did this change on the approval of the design team, it is expected that the company launches an update that addresses the problem.

Source: Gizmodo

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