IPhone SE 2 may protects LCD screen from LG

May be LG Japanese is the main supplier of LCD screens for mobile phone for iPhone SE 2 coming early next year, according to the latest reports.

Reports indicate that the screen of the phone currently undergoing the final stages of quality tests to ensure its suitability to the specifications required before getting into mass production of the phone is low-cost.

LG not previously interested in the supply of screens for phones low-cost as non-important to him, but she changed her mind now, while will adjust manufacturing equipment to suit applications for the screens of Apple for its next.

Because Apple has turned to the use of screens Olid to the identity of their leader Samsung in the last few years, it has led to reduced cooperation with LG as much as it was before. While the LG screens provide Olid, but the majority of companies are moving towards Samsung.

IPhone SE 2 low-cost is coming design for iPhone 8, is expected to launch in the beginning of next year 2020 processor A13 and the Ram 3 is and storage memory internal 64/128 gigabytes at a price of 399$ is equivalent to 1500 SR.

Source: The Elec

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