iPhone screen LCD coming this year will see the bulk of sales Gross


According to rumors, may not drive Apple’s transition to rely entirely on OLED screens in phones iPhone coming this year. Is still expected to say Apple using LCD screens in at least one of its smart phones coming this year. There are a lot of advantages offered by OLED screens compared to LCD screens, among these advantages we mention the saturation of colors, which makes the content on the screen more vibrant.

This was one of the main selling points on the phone iPhone X, but it seems that although there are some obvious benefits, analysts believe that the iPhone screen LCD coming this year will represent most of the sales of the iPhone this year, at least according to a report released recently from the Wall Street Journal of America. We actually wouldn’t be surprised in case if it turns out that the report is true.

This is because also expected to be iPhone-screen LCD cheaper than phones iPhone other with a flat OLED. There are rumors claiming that the iPhone with LCD display can take up some of the features of the iPhone other, this may explain its cheap price compared to the iPhone. Because of the low price, there may be some people who prefer not to spend a lot on phones iPhone with screen OLED.

After that the inability of a lot of people pay $ 1000 to get the iPhone X, we doubt that Apple will cut the price any time soon. Anyway, we’ll wait and see, knowing that he is expected to announce Apple about the phones new in the month of September Next, and if the reports are true, we can expect to see three phones iPhone New at least.


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