IPhone sales rose sharply. Why?

Recently analysts often say that iPhone sales plummeted. Yes, and Apple has added fuel to the fire when he ceased to report on the number of sold smartphones in quarterly conference. But bad things really are? A new report from Apple analyst of Wedbush refutes this and affirms upbeat mood that we have noted in recent weeks regarding the growth of iPhone sales.

Sales of the iPhone 11 Pro exceeded our expectations – thank you China

IPhone sales 11 in the world

According to the analyst, the aggregate demand for iPhone 11 in the world “much higher” than expected, with a particularly popular smartphone is in China, and the demand for iPhone 11 Pro in the US greatly exceeds initial estimates. Against the background of these news experts suggested that Apple expects in 2020.

Wedbush believes that Apple may sell around 185 million iPhones in the next financial year. The new line of Apple phones, which provides the model with a wide-angle camera module, has proved a hit, especially because of the prices the company managed to keep intact.

IPhone sales once again crawled up the hill. Thank you iPhone 11

Apple will report quarterly earnings on October 30, which will give us the first official picture of the situation with the iPhone sales as the quarter include two weeks of iPhone sales and iPhone 11 11 Pro. But it’s worth noting that a complete picture can be seen only in January, when will all the holidays, because many people prefer to change to a new smartphone at this time.

Last year, Apple didn’t deny the sharp decline in demand for iPhone iPhone XS and XR in China. Judging by the way in China took iPhone 11, sales of Apple smartphones in the holiday quarter in 2019 will be much stronger.

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What will be the iPhone of 2020

Looking ahead, analysts are confident that Apple will release four new flagship model of the iPhone in 2020. Each model will come with support for 5G networks, the facial recognition and “gesture control”. We’ll have to wait to see this, but the direction Apple has clearly chosen the right.

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Another respected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo recently reported that Apple will present a range of three iPhone models in the fall of 2020, all phones will be equipped with mobile communication and 5G OLED displays. It is expected that in 2020 iPhone will have a new look — perhaps reminiscent of the iPhone 4. Kuo said that the classic design was a success and was very popular among users, so the hull of the new smartphone from Apple is made in this style, can be a highly desirable step of the company towards the fans.

It’s an iPhone 4. Whether you like this design?

iPhone SE 2 will show in the next year?

However, even if the decline in sales will happen, Apple will be able to compensate — for example, revenue from the services. This year alone, 70% of the profits of the music industry had on the streaming services. So Apple went the way Amazon and Google by releasing the Apple Card Apple TV+ Apple Arcade and other services. Perhaps Apple will produce and sell cheap smartphone, due to which can grow the number of users of the services, which will give her even more profit. Will this phone iPhone SE 2?

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