IPhone heats up! Know the causes and how to treat them

The high temperature of the smart phones is very common. It might be your phone for such a situation at any given time, which causes a feeling of anxiety and discomfort. There is no doubt that the high temperature of the phone be as a result of various factors, due to the method of use or due to a bug in the phone. To you different methods were applied on different Apple devices including the latest Apple devices.

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The standard reasons for high temperature of the phone

There is a difference between the underlying phone and the noticeable rise in temperature, there are many reasons the standard pay phone:

◉ Use the phone while charging in the things you turn your device maximum like games.

◉ Share video high quality for a long time.

◉ Use the GPS for a long time.

◉ Play one of the games or one of the video broadcast applications in an intense manner.

◉ The use of video filming and the use of flash for a long time.

◉ Natural use of the device in the air, intense heat like the sun or the car is not air-conditioned.

If I felt the warmth of your phone or is it a little hot, so don’t worry, this is normal. All you have to do is stop using the phone until it cools, and preferably not continue to use it to avoid any damage to the monolith on it.

Treatment of high temperature of the phone

◉ Could be the reason for the high temperature of the phone is the lack of good ventilation due to the phone cover. Try to use your phone for a long time without a cover and noted it if I found it less in the heat because here you are using the cover of writing the heat inside of him. The solution is to use the cover helps to dissipate the heat of the phone.


If you feel a high level of your phone, then put it in a cool place directly in the system such as. It can cause damage to the internal components of the phone due to the intensification of water vapor inside it.

◉ Check out the frequent mistakes and landslides for some applications. May cause some applications in the background on the iPhone in a temperature increase of your phone. Go to Settings – Privacy – scroll to the bottom of the menu and click on conversions – data conversions. You can see more applications that relate to heavily. The solution is to delete the app and reinstall it or try another application.

◉ Update the phone apps that need to be updated. Because applications that contain errors are working on the energy drain iPhone, and thus lead to overheating of the phone.

◉ Find the apps that drain your battery draining processor device. Go to Settings – Battery and then check the list of applications. Delete the app and reinstall it or replace it with another.

◉ Make sure your phone is updated to the latest version. It may cause older versions in the overheating of the CPU due to a bug like in the system or incompatibility with some applications.

◉ Check the quality of the cellular network. Has lead to poor coverage of the company to put pressure on the phone in a continuous search for a signal, which leads to higher temperature.

◉ Try to reduce the brightness of the screen. Sometimes, it can lead brightness to overheating of the phone during use.

◉ Remove the widget non-professional that works in the background.

◉ Turn off renewal applications in the background. Because applications running in the background of that constant search for new information at all times. Go to Settings – General – renewal applications in the background – and then click available.

◉ Try to reset all the phone settings every now and then. You will not lose any data. But I prefer to take a backup before doing this. You can also work to restart forcibly the phone.

◉ Check out the charger of your phone. It may be one of the main reasons dangerous is the use of the Chargers is not good. Use the original charger if you don’t have try using the charger reliable.

◉ If you can’t solve the problem of overheating the device, then go to a maintenance center certified and reliable to solve the problem. It may be due to damage to one of the internal components.

Do you know to rise the temperature of your phone? Do you know why that is? What procedure did you do? Tell us in the comments.



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