iPhone continues to make Apple richer

Maybe Apple sells more smartphones than other manufacturers, but one thing is clear: the ongoing amounts sufficient to produce unprecedented earnings. So this time, analysts report that on this indicator the company recently set a new record.

According to Strategy Analytics, for the fourth quarter of 2017 sales of the iPhone brought Apple $ 61 billion. This enabled the company record share of global revenue from sales of smartphones, which this time amounted to 51%.

The closest competitors Samsung and Huawei have almost equal share, which is seven times less than Apple. Why did this happen? I think the answer is obvious.

In the past calendar quarter in sale iPhone X, which, despite the status of most expensive smartphone in history, Apple has become very popular among buyers. In the end, the average retail price of the iPhone has close to 800 dollars, which could not impact positively on the income of the company.

By the way, the average price of Samsung also increased, but amounts to some $ 254. It turns out that the Chinese and Koreans are heavily trafficked and smartphones shipped into the channel millions of devices and the money still bathes Tim cook with your friends. By the way, in our official chat Telegram a lot of analysts who are waiting for when you join them.

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