IPhone China copy, I don’t recommend it

I have a cousin of a lover of Android devices, and learned that he finally decided to move into the world of Apple and bought a iPhone 8, offered after he began playing the day you bought the iPhone ๐Ÿ™‚ since I am known in the family that I’m team Apple contacted me and told me he can’t download apps from the software store and show him a message to review his account and then white screen and does not load this page never, important to make him send the machine to me.

ุงู„ุขูŠ-ููˆู† ู†ุณุฎุฉ ุงู„ุตูŠู† ุŒ ู„ุง ู†ู†ุตุญ ุจู‡ุง

From the first look is iPhone 8 original and not imitate and actually entered on the app store but show a white screen after pressing the review of the account, and if you are loading this page after a long time does not show the information in full, questioned in WiFi settings and went to settings of your device to see something like it, there is no Wi-Fi but the word WLAN, I opened my computer to make sure and found my device says Wi-Fi so I said What Is this! Immediately search the number phone model to find out it’s the iPhone version on China, but what’s the secret of slow Internet? And why wrote the WLAN and Wi-Fi? And that’s the difference the only one?

The difference between Wi-Fi and the WLAN


China has very strict rules when it comes to data communication, the internet and most of us know this already Special of flew you to China, and that most of the services and applications which do not work in China. Also China does not protocols, especially if she wanted the companies to sell their products officially, including the Internet Protocol companies must support what is called WAPI (WLAN Authentication and Privacy Infrastructure) which requires amendment of the Protocol to the Wi-Fi which should not be relied upon except with the consent of the world body to this Protocol, and in 2010 the Apple as the first major company to support the WAPI therefore I had to change the name of the wireless connection to the internet from the registered mark of the Wi-Fi to the eponymous year of the WLAN.

If the name change does not mean that the Apple phones Chinese version not related to Wi-Fi but and well and does not require special settings, but what has changed is only named because the Chinese version anti-no special Protocol, China.

What’s the problem then?

The problem is that phones iPhone Chinese version is slower when you connect to the wireless Internet, this may have been due to the amendments made by the Apple Protocol on the Wi-Fi. We didn’t find this slow unauthorized in any location but we found a large number complaining of slow wireless Internet in the phones iPhone the Chinese version.

The differences between the Chinese version and the other

Not only is this the only difference, but over the abduction of annoying for me therefore do not recommend to never get the iPhone Chinese version then you are in the rich about the problems of wireless Internet.

And other variations of simple and if the Chinese version does not allow connect to audio via FaceTime but allows connection to the video.

Facetime Audio China

If you try to voice dial via FaceTime be-the iPhone version of the Chinese, even if you are in a country that supports FaceTime won’t receive the call the same thing โ€˜so I tried to connect from the device sound, the FaceTime video works without a problem.

Another thing you may notice in the IM-iPhone Edition China, which support the calculations of the Chinese in the Settings page of the accounts.

China Accounts iPhone

Also there are some differences other, such as anime own with Taiwan does not exist, not only Taiwan, but Taiwan Province (the official name of Taiwan is Republic of China).

Another thing I noticed, when you open the iPad app for the first time a message appears asking if you want to make this app connects via the wireless data.

ุขูŠ-ููˆู† ุงู„ุตูŠู†

This letter did not appear to me in my phone, and I don’t know if it has a monopoly on her iPod-iPhone version Chinese or not.

In the end, this article illustrates some of information to experiment with the iPhone 8 original but a copy of China, we know that every iPhone made in China but Apple specialized versions for each country and this country no special laws such as in the UAE FaceTime is not allowed, and also there are some country frequencies especially in cellular communication. But in the end all phones are original and guaranteed from Apple and the differences between them are minor and probably won’t disturb you disturb your enjoyment of the iDevice iPhone.

Before you ask

How do you know the country of your device an iPhone? It’s simple to see the model number of the device, from Settings > General > About

ู…ูˆุฏูŠู„ ุขูŠ-ููˆู†

If your phone is Chinese it will be the last two letters CH like the MQ6K2CH/A is any-iPhone 8 Chinese, even if your phone is from the UAE, you will find the last two characters AE or AB, and if an American or Canadian like the picture at the top you will find the two letters LL. This table shows the more letters, the region has an iPhone.

A โ€“ Canada

AB, AE โ€“ Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Jordan, Egypt

B โ€“ UK and Ireland

BG โ€“ Bulgaria

BR โ€“ Brazil

BT โ€“ UK

BZ โ€“ Brazil

C โ€“ Canada

CH โ€“ China

CI โ€“ Paraguay

CM โ€“ Hungary, Croatia

CR โ€“ Croatia

CS โ€“ Slovakia, the Czech Republic

CN โ€“ Slovakia

CZ โ€“ Czech Republic

D, DM โ€“ Germany

DN โ€“ Austria, Germany, Netherlands

E โ€“ Mexico

EE โ€“ Estonia

EL โ€“ Estonia, Latvia

ER โ€“ Ireland

ET โ€“ Estonia

F โ€“ France

FB โ€“ France, Luxembourg

FD โ€“ Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland

FS โ€“ Finland

GB โ€“ Greece

GH โ€“ Hungary

GP โ€“ Portugal

GR โ€“ Greece

HB โ€“ Israel

HC โ€“ Hungary, Bulgaria

IN โ€“ India

IP โ€“ Italy

J, JP โ€“ Japan

IP โ€“ Portugal, Italy

ID โ€“ Indonesia

K โ€“ Sweden

KH โ€“ South Korea, China

KN โ€“ Denmark and Norway

KS โ€“ Finland and Sweden

LA โ€“ Guatemala, Honduras, Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru, El Salvador, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Barbados, Dominican Republic, Panama, Puerto Rico

LE โ€“ Argentina

LL โ€“ US

LP โ€“ Poland

LT โ€“ Lithuania

LV โ€“ Latvia

LZ โ€“ Paraguay, Chile and Uruguay

MG โ€“ Hungary

MM โ€“ Montenegro, Albania and Macedonia

MY โ€“ Malaysia

ND โ€“ Netherlands

NF โ€“ Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Portugal

PK โ€“ Poland, Finland

PL, PM โ€“ Poland

PO โ€“ Portugal

PP โ€“ Philippines

PY โ€“ Spain

QB โ€“ Russia

QN โ€“ Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Norway

QL โ€“ Spain, Italy, Portugal

RO โ€“ Romania

RP โ€“ Russia

RR โ€“ Russia, Moldova

RS, RU โ€“ Russia

RM โ€“ Russia, Kazakhstan

RK โ€“ Kazakhstan

SE โ€“ Serbia

SL โ€“ Slovakia

SO-South Africa

SU โ€“ Ukraine

T โ€“ Italy

TA โ€“ Taiwan

TH โ€“ Thailand

TU โ€“ Turkey

TY โ€“ Italy

VN โ€“ Vietnam

X โ€“ Australia, New Zealand

Y โ€“ Spain

ZA โ€“ Singapore

ZD โ€“ Luxembourg, Austria, Belgium, Monaco, Germany, France, Netherlands, Switzerland

ZG โ€“ Denmark

ZO โ€“ United Kingdom

ZP โ€“ Hong Kong and Macau

ZQ โ€“ Jamaica

You may find some differences if you use access for your device by characters, Search in Google number the file will show in the RAID.

Do you think that the iPhone copy China will be the internet is it slower than the other? Did you experiment with the iPhone copy China to share with us? What is the country of your device?
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