iPhone 5c – the beginning and the end “C-series”

For a budget smartphone, the iPhone 5c was too expensive, successful iPhone he was too cheap (in appearance) is an expensive experiment failed. Really it’s all relative, and you should not believe everything they say – even if it is spoken by all. The idea that companies should try themselves in the market of budget smartphones were not spontaneous. Steve, for some reason, protested against it. But now the head of the company was Tim cook, and it was not satisfied with the share of Apple in the mobile phone market in General. On the background of 1.5 billion of sales per year achieve Apple actually looked modest.

In February 2013, to shareholders of Goldman Sachs, Tim once again returned to this idea: Apple’s huge financial reserves, and enough money to create a decent but cheaper model of the iPhone.

iPhone 5c was not supposed to be a surprise, but I did. The impression arose that Apple has done something reprehensible, shameful, and immoral: released the same iPhone 5 in a cheap colorful plastic case and called it a new model iPhone. Shame!

Still, at the announcement of new iPhones, the company has reduced (usually $ 100) price for the previous iPhone with a minimum amount of flash memory and sold it as a cheap alternative to the latest iPhone, no one has any objection, it did not cause.

In September 2013, Apple made about the same but a little different. Rather than simply reduce the price of last year’s iPhone, the company has developed on its basis new. Lowering the price as usual – if you buy at the same time with 2-year contract to 99 (for the version with 16 Gigabytes of flash memory) and 199 (for the version with 32 Gigabytes).

There was something shameful?

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iPhone 5c and iPhone 5 – not the same

The similarities between iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c a lot. Even the first digit in their model IDs are the same. iPhone 5 are two models, iPhone5,1 and iPhone5,2. For cellular networks GSM and CDMA, respectively. Mobile operators have maintained these standards in different ways, in some places because of this communication of the fourth generation were not available.

iPhone 5c – is also two models iPhone5,3 iPhone5,4. For GSM and CDMA. Just to support LTE networks 270 operators in about 100 countries iPhone model 5s were produced in 8 variants. I will not list them – but the importance of this change is obvious.

iPhone 5C when used in the “right” networks worked more reliably and better. In 5c has changed the antenna design, which also affected the quality of communication.

Cheap plastic case was neither cheap or number plastic. Inside the case was a sturdy frame of steel. It was a plastic Unibody-housing designed with the same dedication and attention to detail as all other creations of Apple. Its creators and technologists are so proud of them that even made the process of creating and showing this during the presentation.

Due to the hybrid and very durable iPhone case for 5c was slightly thicker and heavier than its predecessor. IPhone 5c dimensions (in millimeters) – 124,8х59,2×8,97, weight – 132 grams. The iPhone 5 is 123,8х58,6×7,6 mm and 112 g

It’s his fault, but the difference in the 20 gram and 1-2 mm is not serious.

On taste and color…

Different people like different things. Some of them are popular with almost everyone, but not all. This is very individual. Sorry for the banal – but in the writings of some “guru” (there is “Mandership”) this point is ignored.

My iPhone 5c did not seem cheap (though stylized design cheap smartphone competitors – not a good idea), nor terrible.

Perhaps, the team of Jonathan Ive really wanted to emphasize the affiliation of the iPhone 5c cheaper segment of the smartphone market, but the range of colors he was closer to the iPod nano or iPod Shuffle than the Lumia, with which it is constantly compared.

Someone (can’t remember who, and don’t even want to remember) made a killer version: this case was developed for the new model iPod touch, but for some reason it did not work. And the costs for their development had to somehow “beat” – that decided at the last moment…

Similar situations have occurred: a significant part of the motherboard first iMac was inherited from the Macintosh NC, the “network computer”, a project which was discontinued by Steve jobs. But not this time: the concept of “C-series”, where “C” would mean “Cheap”, that is “cheap”, really existed, and left many traces, and iPhone 5c it fits perfectly.


But something was done (or said) wrong. Work on the next iPhone with a “c” in the model designation had been dropped.

What was the error?

Most likely, there were several. For example, to call a cheap smartphone which (if you buy it without a contract at full price) cost 549 and 649 USD (for 16 – and 32-Gigabyte version) was wrong.

Maybe it’s the particular reputation of the iPhone and Apple. Cheap model phone status is nonsense, agree.


And it is not all clear – looking to compare.

Sales of the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s began on Friday 20 September 2013, and set a new record: over the weekend they had sold 9 million copies. Accurate data on the distribution of these between 9 million iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c – no.

In the United States as of Monday morning, September 23, 2013 1% of all smartphones were iPhone 5s, and 0.3% on iPhone 5c. Where do these data come from I don’t know, but they are the source of trust.

But after two or three months of sales of the iPhone 5c and in fact almost stopped. Unibody of plastic and steel, unfortunately, were not.

To be continued

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