IPhone 2020 may come with a display frequency of 120Hz

Screens support to bounce higher than 60Hz has become very attractive to the user in the last period this is why we see phones like the OnePlus 7 support 90Hz and the identity of the other supports up to 120Hz, we have seen many companies see this race as is, the Oppo, Google and even Realty!

It seems that Apple is the other will be for this race in 2020 this is according to a report from DigiTimes special that Apple already have devices supporting this technology such as the iPad Pro the current.

This report not only talks about iPhones, but he also hinted that all the new phones لـ2020 will come with support for frequencies of 120Hz or even 90Hz perhaps this tension is more befitting with age only with the exclusion of devices available and vulnerable.

At the moment there are two phones just come with support for 120Hz a Asus ROG 2 and Reiser 2 iPhones and these phones are the first to adopt this concept because it addressed the players in the first place.

Source: Gizmochina

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