IPhone 2018 gold plated now available for $ 476 and SR 250

Announced goldgenie specialized in coating, electronics, gold, about to start receiving requests for pre-booking for iPhone Xs coated with a layer of 18K Gold.

Although Apple did not announce the name of the new iPhone, but goldgenie has launched you have to guess a Xs version of the billionaires, where the women Golden luxury compared to 127,000 dollars, but you can pay half the amount only upon prior request.

Already we have seen luxury products from goldgenie including the Apple watch Diamond bike racing gilded, but the iPhone Xs is the output of the most luxurious of the company at the end of her remark.

It is amusing that the police service provides you security when you buy the phone which you can live a clear fact, for a period of five years.

Of course, after five years you will not need the service of security, which will become the iPhone Xs gilded old, you will need to keep abreast of developments then purchase the iPhone 2023.


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