IPhone 11 will reduce another important feature in phones Galaxy S10 !

Phones iPhone coming this year – which may bear the name of the iPhone 11 will come with several important updates and the latest What we know about a new feature that we saw already on the Galaxy S10 according to the veins website Mac Otakara Japanese!

هواتف iPhone 11 ستدعم ميزة Dual Audio

Phones iPhone 11 will feature Dual Audio

New feature called Dual Audio and the possibility to broadcast audio to two devices simultaneously via Bluetooth ® and not just one device as is the case currently.

Using this feature, the user can broadcast the audio wirelessly over Bluetooth to hear two out of two Speakers or a pair of headphones AirPods or any device of my voice at the same time.

ميزة Dual Audio يمكنها بث الصوت إلى سماعتي AirPods في آن واحد

Feature Dual Audio can broadcast the sound to hear my AirPods at once

To activate Dual Audio on the phones, the iPhone requires that first the presence of a partner Bluetooth 5.0 with software support from the iOS system, this may mean that Apple could theoretically use the site to provide water also for iPhone carrier buy Bluetooth 5.0 starting from the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, and even the current versions.

Phones iPhone 11 will reduce the series Galaxy S10 in another advantage and feature of wireless charging, the reverse which enables phones to the iPhone from charging each other. It is worth mentioning that earlier reports indicated that it too will have to be increased in the battery capacity and quick charger in a box purchase 18-watt.

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