IPhone 11 will carry a camera Three designed inspired by the Huawei

Phones iPhone coming the end of this year which might carry the name iPhone 11 – or iPhone XL will come with three cameras, the background in addition to lighting flash in the form of a box-like design of the Huawei phone its possible Mate 20 Pro protects is the other camera three.

هواتف آيفون 11 سوف تحمل كاميرا ثلاثية بتصميم مستوحى من هواوي

Design available camera iPhone tripartite

Site Mac Otakara news of Japan confirmed that the leaks and rumors circulating a while ago as he posted a picture of the new design which will have phones iPhone with rear camera three-way, which is similar to other images may have been leaked previously about this with slight variations.

It is worth mentioning that the Wall Street Journal had reported in a report that versions of the new iPhone in 2019 from my phone, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max you will get rear camera, while the new version of the iPhone XR will come back with a bi. (The names of the phones iPhone, next not known, so the Press by reference to this figure)

What will be the function of the second camera in the iPhone?

The second camera in the iPhone might be its function enlargement of the angle of convergence as we have seen in Phones Huawei Mate 20 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S10 , etc., and so is the common use of the camera third currently.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro

Huawei Mate 20 Pro

The second camera also might depend on the technique of “time of flight TOF” a new technology for making 3D images of any object depending on the time it takes light in the distance going back and forth between the camera and body to be photographed.

Might help as well second camera to improve the ability of the camera to capture images in a higher quality hotel more or the force of enlarge double, all this needs featured.

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