IPhone 11 might be able to charge Apple Watch headphones Apple TV wirelessly

Recently the blog Macotakara the Japanese reports provide reliable information on the devices that are being developed, with new information about the iPhone 11 feature wireless charging and bi-directional.

So they referred the city to the next phone Apple will include a similar feature for PowerShare existing wireless phone Samsung Galaxy S10. According to the Chinese suppliers, it is likely to be charging the Apple Watch via your iPhone using this method.

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Predicted the the reliable Ming-Chi Kuo that the iPhone 2019 of Apple TV will feature wireless charging bidirectional, days before the launch of the series Galaxy S10, which includes the feature of Wireless PowerShare.

Also, the city stopped so that the bag wireless charging for the new Apple TV might be compatible as well with the wireless charging feature on the iPhone 11. The idea is that the iPhone battery is big enough to share energy with the Apple Watch headphones Apple TV without any links.

On the other hand, she added, the city that the iPhone 11 will be provided with its cable charging new, but without abandoning the USB charging port-C. Instead, says a new report that Apple may add charger 18 watt, which comes with your iPad Pro, but sold separately.

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