IPhone 11 comes file key features representative of the series Galaxy S10

Skip the Apple company to launch a series of phones coming actress that you know now iPhone 11 after 6 months from now, in the latest leaks published today, it was pointed out that the series of phones the iPhone killer comes bored main features that made the Samsung Galaxy S10.

iPhone-XI prototype

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Came the latest leaks about the specifications of iPhone 11 next to confirm that the technique of shipping the opposite from one phone to another will be among the features of the next versions of phones iPhone, which is made of Huawei for the first time during the month of October last year in the phone Mate 20 Pro.

It new Samsung made the same in the new versions of the series Galaxy S10 which I knew with wireless charging PowerShare, which is offered from Apple also according to the latest leaks that came out of the company, where he is scheduled to support the charge, headphones, Apple wireless AirPods also install the speaker on the back side of the phone.

Comes wireless charging technology reverse perform slow often, however, the projections indicate that the addition of technical versions of Apple coming from the phones, the iPhone, will require a higher capacity battery, to give up what made Apple in the iPhone XS Max who came ability 3174 mAh in the battery.

On the other hand, refers to that Apple will be in the box phones iPhone base charger special fast charging technology with capacity of 18W, to change the charger 5W who came in previous versions, will also be available for users to choose another wireless charger AirPower is expected to apply later this year.

Has pointed out some leaks that Apple is working on the experience of the USB connector C to the Lightning for issuance next of phones the iPhone, but until now has not been confirmed to change the port Lightning in phones iPhone to USB C.

Also among the changes associated with in phones the iPhone in the thickness of the tires that go down to the lower proportion of in iPhone 11, as is working Apple support the next version Settings three camera background, how to change Apple site the camera background in the design of the version list, it also comes phone iPhone 11 a sophisticated support Face ID more efficiently.

Definitely still leaks, unconfirmed at the moment, it also separates us for the launch of new versions of the phones the iPhone 6 months ago, so we should expect more leaks or images that confirm the specifications of the design of the iPhone 11.


I know of

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