IPhone 11 appears in the video, imagine

The channel ConceptsiPhone on YouTube recently put a video of IMAGINE shows where the design expected for iPhone 11, which carry some of the elements of the iPad Pro with the design language of the iPhone X.

Comes iPhone in the video from the USB port-C replaces separate lightning usual, although the latest rumors suggest that’s not true.

As for the camera triple that indicated a lot of rumors coming iPhone 11, it appeared in this video looks tidy inside square design

Reviewed the video and also the presence of the note the smaller the are through its integrated headset calls within the framework of stainless steel surrounding the phone.

This despite the fact that phone and browse some of the nurses that are expected fan of the iPhone to see it like a support sensor fingerprint Touch ID within the screen, but it is unlikely to return to the previous generation of this technology due to the fact that Face ID currently is the stronger of the security.

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