iPhone can be a problem for fans of porn

Today, we’ll not blame the iPhone, but present only the concern of the owners of these devices that is associated with the porn on the iPhone.

The theme was created by Reddit user under the nickname robot_redditor:

Watching porn during an incoming call. On iPhone 8+ receives a call. Him, I must reply. That’s what I did while watching porn. The phone stopped the video. Is there a chance that the caller heard porn if I have not heard?

In response to a similar question robot_redditor received dozens of comments. Basically, all iPhone owners say that faced with situations where music or a video on YouTube does not stop when making call, and he heard what is happening:

Watched a video on YouTube, received an incoming call that is answered, the video and sound continued to play. However, I heard the sound clip. Not have the feeling that the sound goes through the cellular connection. For the person who called me, the sound clip was felt as the sound from TV or speakers near me.

The topic is quite interesting for discussion. Many even reject a call while watching porn:

I had a glitch in the beta, when the music was broadcast companion, since I reject a call, close the tab and get back to you.

Android users in this respect more fortunate, because they can simply call hide or manually close unnecessary tabs before answering the call. Interesting to know the opinion of iPhone owners? Have you encountered such a problem?

According to the materials of reddit

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