IPad Pro new design the whole screen is the most powerful and advanced

Announced Apple yesterday about the iPad Pro new design the whole screen and a new generation of performance, to be the biggest change in the iPad at all. Comes an entirely new design model for 11-inch and 12.9-inch screen with Liquid Retina up to the edges of the iPad Pro and feature the imprint of the face to unlock iPad safely once glance.

IPad Pro new

Excel provided A12X Bionic with the new generation of the motor nervous system in the iPad Pro on most devices laptop, the device comes with the USB-C new, the network LTE of category Gigabit, the storage capacity up to 1TB, the so-called Paths of action of the new strong on mobile devices.

With more than a million apps designed to make the most of large screen multi-touch, including apps from the new generation like Photoshop. on the iPad Pro (expected in 2019), the iPad Pro new users can be done to your computer to new levels.

The registry Apple keyboard, smart

Apple launched the also pen the Apple TV second generation, which is installed in the iPad Pro magnetically charging it wirelessly at the same time. Also comes registry Apple sensors new for Able on the sensor tap, what is called in entirely new ways to interact within the app.

It features a keyboard folio new smart design flow-provides a great flexibility through the possibility of adjusting his status.

The screen of the iPad Pro

Features the iPad Pro the police the most developed in the world, which is the screen of the Liquid Retina cover full up to the corners turtleneck is streamlined with curves within the iPad Pro. The screen of the Liquid Retina of the new iPad Pro is the screen most of the brightness and accuracy in color of all the screens Apple TV, and it comes with a bottle meticulously polished, and advanced per-pixel, and the immediate implementation on each sub-pixel, it also features support for wide color gamut, and True Tone, and the resistance-reflective experience of the natural and comfortable viewing indoors and outdoors alike. And Technology ProMotion to adjust the screen refresh rate automatically down to 120Hz, which provides safety in slider, responsive amazing on the iPad Pro.

Models of iPad Pro

Comes iPad Pro New new Model 11 inch screen with more pixels in the same size, which is enjoyed by the model compared to 10.5 inch, but weighs less than half kilogram. Comes iPad Pro a new for 12.9-inch the largest screen in the iPad Pro in an easier pregnancy, with less size by 25 percent.3 is characterized by the amendments with a thickness of approximately 5.9 mm only, which is the thinnest design for your iPad Pro until now, what means that the iPad Pro has become easier to carry and transport to all over the place.

Slice A12X Bionic

Designed to partner A12X Bionic specifically for the iPad Pro, it slide the smartest and strongest in any tablet, and with it be more important to the speed in response to whatever their requirements, such as modify images, or create three-dimensional models. Designed to partner A12X Bionic technology 7 nm leading, and it comes with eight nuclei and is characterized by four nuclei of the performance four nuclei of the efficiency provides the performance of a single core is faster by up to 35 percent, in addition to a new tool for performance allow the use of the nuclear the eight at the same time to perform stronger by up to 90 percent in the important multiple bonding.3 and graphics processing unit graphic designed by Apple graphics performance Grand your the best up to twice for the experiences of rich and immersive augmented reality graphics graphic level gaming platforms. This brilliant performance throughout the day thanks to battery life up to 10 hours on the iPad Pro.

The motor nerve.

Designed Apple new generation of engine difficulty Neural Engine for machine learning advanced in every skill starting from photography through to augmented reality, which spend up to 5 trillion operations per second. This allows travel in the Face ID, and discover the faster surfaces in augmented reality applications, and other features New using machine learning in real-time. He also designed the engine neural Neural Engine that offers improved performance in tasks that use the platform Core ML, to enable developers to create apps and tracks the work of the new iPads use the potential of machine learning that provides efficient engine.

Fingerprint face

Provide feature the imprint of the face of Face ID verification method facial recognition the most secure in any tablet or computer, and it comes to the iPad for the first time.

Designed the water so that it operates regardless of the direction of the catch device iPad Pro, or while sitting with the use of the Smart Keyboard, which is the benefit of the camera system TrueDepth to draw an accurate map for the face and recognize it to unlock the iPad Pro safe and offers the possibility to use the payment service Apple Pay in apps and on the web, and enables users to access applications secure easily. Allow the camera TrueDepth in the iPad Pro to also feature my I beam and water beam.

Augmented reality games

Meet the cameras sensors upgraded speakers all four with the power provided A12X Bionic to iPad Pro screen large the best device to experience augmented reality and games. With the support of the new generation of augmented reality applications, predicts a new world of augmented reality experiences on the iPad, such as measuring the reflectivity of the natural elements, and in buildings in three dimensions, but rather explore the campus some universities the entire. Will allow the application of Project Aero provided by the company Adobe (expected in 2019) creators design new experiences and apply actually enhanced on the iPad to new heights.

USB-C port

Comes USB-C new to replace the Lightning connector in the support of the powerful ways to use the device IP-the iPad Pro. Enjoy the USB-C port with great flexibility, as the energy company, supports the second generation of USB 3.1 data transfer connect two high bandwidth speed of up to pressure with cameras and musical instruments, can also be connected to the external networks clearly up to 5K. Thanks to the USB-C port, can also use an iPad Pro to charge your iPhone.

Price and availability

Will an iPad Pro the new 11 inch and 12.9 inch in both silver and gray astronomer with a capacity of 64GB or 256GB or 512GB, in addition to a new option with a capacity of 1TB.

The starting price for an iPad Pro size 11 inch
◉ 3,199 AED for Wi-Fi
◉ 3,799 AED for the Wi-Fi + Cellular

The starting price for an iPad Pro for 12.9-inch
◉ 3,999 AED for Wi-Fi
◉ 4,599 AED for the Wi-Fi + Cellular

The registry Apple TV second generation
◉ 529 AED

Keyboard Falaj smart in grey cosmic
◉ 729 AED for your iPad Pro size 11 inch
◉ 799 AED for your iPad Pro for 12.9-inch

Tell us about your opinion in your Apple the new iPad Pro?



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