iPad Pro is compatible with the 5G networks may not arrive until the year 2021, according to a new report

iPad Pro 2017

According to rumors, it is expected that Apple launched the first iPhone compatible with 5G in the year 2020. Building on the habits of Apple TV, but Apple tends to bring new features for iPhone first before bringing it in the end to tablet and iPad. We have seen Apple do this in the past with Touch ID and Face ID, may be this is the case for 5G also.

Unfortunately, it seems that the first iPad is compatible with the 5G may not arrive until the year 2021. According to a new report released recently from the Journal of Economic Daily News based on the statements of the the old Chinese Ming-Chi Kuo, he proposed that the 5G technology may not reach to tablet and iPad but after two years. This means that if you want to enjoy speeds of 5G on your iPad, then your best bet is to use a smart phone that supports 5G networks as the focal point ( Hotspot ).

Regarded analyst Ming-Chi Kuo that he is expected to say Apple brought a new kind of motherboards to tablets and iPad coming later this year, with the idea that it will help to reduce the loss of signal and improve network performance. This seems to be a start for Apple to bring 5G technology to lineup iPad. It may be a bit disappointing to consumers having to wait two years to get your iPad compatible with the 5G, but still 4G LTE is extremely fast, so it would be appropriate to wait a few years to when to become a 5G technology is mature enough.


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