IPad mini 5 against 4 mini: comparison of specs, design and performance

Occurred Apple TV finally a series iPad Mini for the first time in 2015, the report of its fifth generation with significant improvements to performance and Specifications Compared to the pipe mini-4.

Talking first about the design, why change the design of the iPad mini 5 about the design of the iPad Mini 4.

Has earned by performance on the biggest challenge thanks to the A12, which replaced the A8 processor found in the iPad Mini 4.. even Apple praised the capabilities of the iPad Mini new in editing videos. Also got the main camera with 8 maps to support filming 1080p video at 120 frame per second.

Speaking of the screen, while keeping the mini 5 on the 7.9-inch screen with the same accuracy of 326 pixels per inch, they have become the support display more accurately the colors including series DCI-P3, which is what makes it better is when you view the content of the HDR, which will continue its Apple TV soon via a new service.

Became the screen of the iPad Mini, the new technology supports True Tone which keep the displayed image quality is perfect, even changed the estate surrounding. Also got screens on the support of the Pencil Apple Pencil, which makes the tablet convenient for them and the media at a reasonable price.

Finally, speaking of price andstorage options, the starting price of the iPad mini 5 of 400$, the same price that offer by the iPad Mini 4, but with new you get 4 times the storage space, where you start the standard capacity of 64 is byte instead of 16 gigabytes of address space, as shown in the table below.

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