iPad mini 4: Lighter, thinner and more powerful

He was given 20 seconds if it was lying like it’s the same iPad Air 2, only smaller. This iOS device dozens of engineers has invested part of the immortal soul, creating a masterpiece with perfect ergonomics.

I do not whether this is last year’s iPad mini 3, which was locked in the basement of the company, accusing him of criminal intent? 2014 8 inch tablets still aroused interest, but the “mini” was also a stunningly good – and that he had not harmed the sales of the iPad Air 2, which was invested much effort and funds, it was replaced by a losing and not too interesting revision of the iPad mini 2.

As a result, sales of “Apple” tablets (Air 2 and mini 3, and all the model number) fell by 17%, while tablets from other manufacturers, on average, fell by 7%. And I’m ashamed to say, thought: if, due to similar fears in the early ‘ 90s didn’t strangle the Apple II, can and crisis of the mid-90s would not have happened?

But back in 2015, and the iPad mini 4!

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Continuation of the series about the iPad mini
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For the first time in the short history iPad mini, changed their design. iPad mini 4 rose (3.2 mm), there was “at the shoulders” (0.1 mm). In other words, in cases from previous models it does not fit. Changed and the thickness of the body. It is the first mini was 7.2 mm, the second and the third 7.5 mm, now it has reduced to 6.1 mm. With the same bending strength. Now it is definitely checked.

Left iPad mini 3, right – the iPad mini 4:

the iPad 4 was the first iPad mini with a nearly one hundred percent color gamut. The difference was visible to the naked eye – if at the same time to watch the screens of the Quartet and any of its ancestors. About the screen we still talk.

Computing and graphics power of the device, strictly speaking, are not part of its exterior. But not in this case. iPad mini 4 supported true multitasking and other features iOS 9 for iPad. No other iPad mini they are not “pulled.”

And, I almost forgot – the iPad mini 4 could be purchased in the body of one of three colors, silver and gray (color is gunmetal) has been added and “gold”. Especially popular in China and surrounding area. iPad mini 3 was produced only in the first two.

Ergonomics are hit – does anyone have spent dozens of hours of my life to buttons on the sides of the hull were just enough to make it clear that they are buttons, and at the same time not cling to surrounding objects. Actually, it’s great.

Screen, body, buttons, and two slots – that’s the whole exterior. Everything else – the software is the same as the full-sized iPad sufficient for this power.

Tear away the veils (nudity?)

Left iPad mini 3, right – the iPad mini 4:

Red circled the battery. In the iPad mini 4, it consists of a single cell, and its capacity (19,1 WH) is significantly less than the iPad mini 3 (of 23.8 WH).

Orange – the fact that iPad mini 3 researchers of artifacts called the “lower antenna”, now it’s down.

Yellow – FaceTime-camera, it is noticeably “thinner”. The iPad mini 3

A strange green shade of circled the plastic plugs. Their purpose is unknown to me.

It is interesting to consider what is usually hidden from our eyes. Read labels on chips with a clever kind to spot some familiar notation. But it’s easier to see with the fact that in the bowels of the iPad mini 4 have found the experts.

Inner peace

Heart iPad mini 4 last year (to September 2015) system-on-chip Apple A8, 64-bit 2-core of the Typhoon (it was also called Cyclone 2) with a clock frequency of 1.5 GHz. Chip integrated 4-core PowerVR GX6450.

The motion coprocessor (M8 Apple), yet in the form of a separate chip from NXP. NFC chip from the same company.


Screen with a diagonal of 7.9 inches (20.1 cm) with a resolution of 2048×1536 pixels (326 ppi), brightness 450 CD/sq. m.

Both models, WiFi only and WiFi+Cellular support Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac HT80 and MIMO, and Bluetooth 4.2.

Model Wi-Fi+Cellular, in addition, supports A-GPS, GSM/EDGE, UMTS/HSPA+/DC-HSDPA and CDMA EV-DO.

According to calculations the creators of the device of 19.1 Watt-hours would provide 10 hours of battery life under normal load. In real life, even with the new battery, the iPad 4 is kept at only 8.5-9 hours.

2 camera (rear 8 MP and front 1.2 MP), 2 microphones, 2 speakers.

Models, options and prices

Models iPad mini 4, there were two: only WiFi (iPad5,1) and Wi-Fi+Cellular (iPad5,2). Special models for different regions was not the iPad 4 WiFi+Cellular has worked with all of them.

There were three options in each model with the size of the flash memory 16, 64 and 128 GB.

the iPad 4 only WiFi was in these embodiments, 399, 499 and $ 599. The same options for iPad mini 4 with WiFi+Cellular cost 529, 629 and 729 dollars.

Tablets with 8-inch screens, these prices were prohibitively high, but it wasn’t something new, and the decline in sales of tablets in this segment that did not connect.

To be continued…

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