IOS system 13 will bring with him a night mode to system interface operating in full, according to a new report

iPhone XS Max

There was some talk about the development of the Apple for Night Mode for iOS, it includes a new report that the next major version of iOS system will come already with the night mode on the level of the entire operating system. System will be iOS late to the party because it became possible to actually get a night mode on the level of the entire operating system in Android.

The report from the website 9to5mac noted that Apple will bring Night Mode to the level of the entire operating system to the iOS system 13. Thus, this means that night mode will be extended to include all the original apps that come preinstalled with iOS system, will certainly be a welcome addition because it will create pressure on the eyes of users who tend to use their devices in the dark.

You might say Apple also made major improvements on productivity in a tablet and iPad through features such as support for multiple Windows applications. Reportedly, it will be for each window ” panel ” of its own can separate them and move them around the screen freely as a card. You can then stack the cards and show them quickly.

Will iOS system 13 is also apparently bringing a nod of the new work does not require users to shake their device. Expected to reveal the Apple for more information about the iOS system 13 and the improvements that will launch this system in its annual conference for developers WWDC 2019 although it will not be the launch of the system iOS 13 officially until the autumn of this year.

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