IOS system 13 will bring Night Mode to the full and undo feature gesture control

نظام iOS 13 سيجلب معه الوضع الليلي الكامل وميزة التراجع بالإيماءات

Ahead of the conference of developers for Apple after almost two months, a conference in which the most important updates for different operating systems. But as with all companies, lots of leaks show up before the official announcement of a product or a particular device, which is what happened with Apple and run iOS.

According to the site 9To5Mac, there will come a iOS 13 with the feature of Night Mode in full-on system on the way to provided by Apple with Mac OS confirms the report which we have quoted before two months, it is considered Night mode of things that focus on companies in general to provide a beautiful design and maintain battery life for longer time.

Won’t stop iOS 13 when you add the feature of night mode, it will be another feature allows undo to do some task or restart the same command through gestures by moving your fingers on the left or right of the keyboard.

It will also make the system an update to address the Safari and e-mail, where you will deal browser more intelligently with sites requested a desktop version for some to be more suitable for, Will the e-mail application to feature a “read later” on the way to the application of Gimli to change some messages when you select them.

Certainly there will be a lot of plugins from Apple TV with iOS 13, but the advantages that have been mentioned think great additions to improve the handling system regardless of the number of other updates.

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