IOS system 13 will allow you to import photos and videos from external devices directly to applications

If you are a photographer and want to export your photos to your iPhone or iPad during development, there are a lot of advantages which will bring you updates iOS 13 وmacOS 10.15 the next.

It is said that Apple is working on a new feature to import photos and videos from external devices. Thanks to the application programming interface of the new found by developers in iOS 13, you’ll be able to import the media directly from external storage devices to cloud storage applications or edit your favorite photos without having to unload the items first to the Photos app in your device.

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This according to the developer Guilherme Rambo, who reported that with the application programming interface of this new “you will be able to applications of image capture from external devices such as cameras, SD cards, without having to go to the Photos application.

With the iOS update 12 last year, was to improve the functioning of import to exporters through an updated interface appears when you connect a DSLR or memory card to your iOS device using the camera adapter from Lightning to USB, as shown below.

نظام iOS 13 سيُتيح لك استيراد الصور ومقاطع الفيديو

A major improvements on the preview mode a new great, grab to album existing or new, and seeing the progress during the import and take advantage of the speed of USB 3.0. However, still the process is less troublesome than before as in the iOS system 12 because it is currently limited to apply only photos.

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