IOS system 13 design and imagine new

Still on after 4 months of Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, so our conversation about the new iOS 13 with respect tothe audio specialist andnurses that we expect by the name.

Co – designer Liu Valley Pictures Imagine system iOS 13 a few improvements to the popular, but as is the case with most of the designs get rid of it there is no official confirmation of the arrival of the nurses with the iOS version coming.

First: facilitating access to the control center; instead of the clouds from the top right of the screen, which can be reached by from the bottom, where the show open applications recently with the center control in the same window.

It is true that the elements in the window will be crowded and may request further drag to see the elements of the control center if too much, but he’s still improving is acceptable to the gestures.

Secondly: improve the shape of the reins of the patient, a requirement is long overdue, albeit the Apple TV has enabled to improve the appearance development of third-party applications such as Instagram where they, the patina is still present the applications of the Apple TV itself, the photo shows the disposal of reins of the patient the top right of the screen design simple and clear is somewhat similar to the introduced by Google in Android 9.

Finally, the source considers the idea of supporting the iPad Magic Mouse right with the approach of integrating iOS apps, Mac and can even increase productivity with apps on the tablet, and see the system support the use of the iPad as a secondary display with an Mac.

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