IOS apps 13 support for Night Mode and voice control and more

Link iOS 13 officially to users, which includes many advantages including Night Mode and Dark Mode, and login in the app using the account Apple TV, voice control, and a lot of other features.

Night mode the new prints at the system level as well as external applications, based on the time of day or manually. Now we have the third-party apps update for iOS 13 to prevent the way the same system settings.

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Because iOS 13 now in our hands, there are some applications have already begun to take advantage of the advantages of the new system, including Night Mode, and log in using an account Apple TV, and features access the Advanced like voice control, and more.

Here is a list of the best apps that support the latest features of iOS 13 available

Apps Apple TV


Financial applications

Health & Fitness

Package applications HomeKit


Navigation and

News and weather

Photo apps

Photos and Images:

Productivity apps

Social applications and training

Apps services and more

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