iOS 6 Debut, Apple CEO Tim cook

This culminated in Maps: the new version was not ready, not perfect, it just couldn’t be. The situation changed radically. But they wanted to prove, including to themselves that all is still. To stop them there was no one… it wasn’t as bad as it could be. Someone from journalists sympathizing with the Apple, without its participation, found the formula: “the Apple does not change for the sake of”.

But not too good. Woes of the iOS 6 guilty passion, the balance of power in the company and other policies. When Steve dozens of action groups fiercely defending their opinions, it was the “internal combustion engine” fantastic power, giving a continuous stream of incredible ideas (often crazy, but they made Apple the most Apple).

This thread should have been filtered, the ideas of the authors to slow down, and no one but Steve this work could not handle. Tim cook was a genius, the next phase of turning this madness into real products. Someone decides what to do – he provided everything else, on time and in good quality.

The head of the company is not bound equally well-versed in everything. That’s why Steve invited Apple CEO Tim cook, and made him the second man in the company. Tim cook became the first, and now it was his time to find someone who could monitor this controversial and unsafe process.

But Steve left too early, failing to find such a person. Now it was impossible, and this had to be tolerated. Outside the company such a man was considered to be Scott Forstall, nicknamed “mini-jobs”, but Steve was not agree with that. Scott was too stubborn, dogmatic and biased. If the second person in the company he began, the consequences would have been catastrophic…

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Brilliant performance

To summarize the presentation of iOS 6 is not necessary. Here it is, in the record.

Video: (duration 00:44:04)

When in the autumn (19 September) a new version of the system was in the hands of users, not everyone was thrilled. Yes, small improvements to existing applications were useful and their implementation had no complaints, but for the first time in a new iOS version was not a radical change for the better.

However, the public is sympathetic to Apple and its mobile devices have come to the conclusion that iOS 6 is the version like Snow Leopard or Mountain Lion. In terms of the method “tick-tock” is “so” work on the bugs, the optimization and code clearing for the future.

In OS X Mountain Lion was also “200 innovations.”

About Scott Forstall, unpleasant silence. Of the standard set of apps disappeared two managed to catch the fancy of users: YouTube and Google Maps. Both from Google. The war between the companies, as a rule, lead to an acceleration of progress in war-torn areas, and users benefit from them.

And not only consumers have talented professionals with innovative thinking because these wars have a chance to prove themselves.

But not always. Steve didn’t love Google Android, probably like no other in the Apple. But it has not taken any destructive step. Technology Google needed iOS, and they had no alternative.

Instead of looking for compromise and to agree, Apple has decided to take radical action. And now…

Your card bits…

Presentation cards from Apple delighted. A banal truth: “if you want to get something done right, do it yourself”. In the development of Apple Maps, the company has invested everything she had. Funds and labor. This project was a gamble: intellectual Apple was ready for this, and from a technical point of view everything was done almost perfectly.

In this area the Apple. HR Department has performed its part of the job perfectly for a very short time professionals with the necessary skills and technical vivid personality was brought to this task, but…

The only thing that lacked Apple – aging. At the time of the release of iOS 6, the technology was nothing more than an early, not fully tested beta version. Technically, everything was in order: the engine was almost perfect.

But mapping application for the entire planet is a gigantic volumes of actual data, Google has taken years for their clarification and correction of errors. That amount of data it was physically impossible to handle and recheck for a year and a half (the project was started in 2011, most likely in the middle of the year).

When the decision on inclusion of maps in iOS 6, Apple Maps, reported high probability of problems. Testing revealed inconsistencies even in the USA and Canada, in Europe, they were far more – the problems identified were eliminated, but each new round of testing has revealed new.

Scott Forstall was sure that everything will work out and advocated the replacement of Google Maps on Apple Maps. He was strongly against a compromise solution, for the first time: to retain both implementations to declare Apple Maps is a beta version and invite users to identify problems and errors.

Suddenly, his perennial opponents cautiously agreed with him. No half measures, insisted Scott. And…

The main novelty of iOS 6 is almost the only (Passbook interesting innovation, but in scale it is not comparable), was Apple Maps.

They were the first major failing of iOS in the history of this system. And the reason for the resignation of Scott Forstall. If the enemies start with you carefully agree, it’s probably for a reason.


The release of a new version of the system was yet to come. Scott Forstall promised 200 innovations, and talked about a few of them. A beta version for developers came out on the same day, but they were bound by the agreement on non-disclosure.

The response was mostly sympathetic.

On the Apple forum, which was the only place in the world where it was allowed to discuss future versions of iOS and OS X, too, all was well. As always. The beta version for developers released not only for the fact that they had time in advance to prepare new versions of their software, but also to identify problems not seen by the authors.

September 19 iOS 6 was released.

To be continued

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