iOS 13 will warn you if a Lightning connector will get water

All the latest iPhone model is certified by IP67/IP68. The presence of these certificates means that the cameras are able to spend under water up to one hour without any consequences. Protection against ingress of fluids is provided by a special silicone membrane, which is protected almost all the technical holes that are present in the phone. But where there is no protection, the moisture can linger and even cause device damage, which prevent, of course, well, not.

Portal user Reddit with nick kevinruan found in the second beta version of iOS 13 software is the tool to protect the iPhone from the charging case that the Lightning connector is water. When you try to connect the smartphone with a wet connector to the mains the screen will display a notification to unplug the cable and dry the apparatus.

Not charging iPhone. What to do

In order to avoid repeated warnings it is recommended not to connect the smartphone to the charger until it is fully dry. However, even if you ignore the notification, the charging will still be impossible. The tracking feature is obviously directly connected with the battery controller will not allow it to begin to charge until the Lightning connector is dry.

But Lightning is not the only place on the iPhone, which can remain moisture after contact with the liquid. It happens that water can be trapped in the grille of the speakers. However, in this case there is a very effective method that will allow you to dry them in seconds. For this you need to install on the iPhone team Water Eject. Its launch will lead to the reproduction of high frequency sounds that are not audible to the human ear but effectively push the moisture from the speakers.

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