IOS 13, new will warn you if you delete the application with a subscription active

iOS 13

Recently, it was Apple pushing developers to adopt the system of subscription in their app. This is useful for both Apple and developers ensures a steady income for both parties. For consumers, it means apps are more expensive, but the positive side to that is that by continuing to pay developers, it encourages them to keep the app updated with new features.

Now with the increasing number of applications that adopts the system of subscription, you may lose sometimes extract the end up to delete the application with a subscription active. The good news is that with the iOS system 13, the Apple included a new feature that will alert users when they delete an app, its a subscription activated.

Been monitoring this feature by Federico Viticci, posting her picture on the Twitter network. As you notice below, it’s water you know pop-up window asking users whether they want to keep together with the application you are about to delete. The purpose is to remind users that maybe they should cancel their cable if they were going to meet the application. In some cases, like Netflix or Spotify, applies your subscription on other devices, so it may not be these warnings are applicable in all cases.

However, this is still a good reminder in case the user delete an app before I remembered to cancel his log-in. because that would lead to subscription renewable, which raises the value of the final invoice.

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