iOS 13 did this week that Android 9 Pie has failed to do for the year

Why do we need updates? They fix bugs and bring new features and enhance the performance, making the existing product better. For many users the term programmatic support has even become a key criterion when choosing a new smartphone. So it seems quite strange that manufacturers pay so little attention, but Google itself is not even trying to fix the situation, continuing slipshod to control the process of release of new versions of Android for compatible smartphones. She should have learned from Apple.

iOS 13 for the week surpassed Android 9 Pie by the velocity of propagation

According to analysts of company Mixpanel, iOS, 13 have shown an impressive adoption rate. In just a week it was installed on the 20% of compatible devices. These figures are not a record, but they are close to the performance of last year’s iOS 12. But iOS 11 for the same period was established already more than 25% of the gadgets, showing a higher adoption rate. Apparently, users have been taught by bitter experience, do not wish to upgrade, afraid to break something that’s working properly.

iOS 13 was more popular than Android 9 Pie

The velocity of propagation of iOS 13

However, on the background of the Android Pie 9, which was released a year ago, and iOS 12 and iOS 13 seem inaccessible leaders. During this time, according to official information from Google, the share from the OS build has barely reached 10%, not being able to get around no no Android Marshmallowor Android Nougat, or even Android Lollipop. In short, the adoption rate of new Android versions leave much to be desired.

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The reason it happens, consists in the complete decentralization of the system updates and Google’s loyalty towards manufacturers. Not only that, mandatory term update smartphones less than two years, and producers there are no deadlines. As a result, even owners of flagship devices running Android have no idea when will receive the new version of the OS, and can wait three to six months or more.

Do you need the updates

However, my personal attitude to the updates has remained unchanged for a long time, and therefore no accident in the gap Android iOS I can not see. I sincerely believe that new versions of operating systems are greatly overrated. I was convinced on own experience using both Android smartphones and Android 9 Marshmallow Pie. As a result, all the missing functions on the device with the old build I had from applications that can easily download from Google Play and Snapdragon 652 my LeEco Le 2 provided him with no less speed than Kirin 980 built for 7-nm process, dispersed Honor View 20. Well, if everything is working properly, why change something, risking the stability?

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