IOS 13 coming features, gestures, undo, multiple Windows applications iPad

Expected to reveal an Apple iOS system 13 after less than two months from now, where this version of the operating system major update, coming a range of new features that will enhance the user experience, the Squadron recently some of the details.

Night mode and multi window apps iPad

One of the most important representatives of this system are the feature of Night Mode or dark mode Dark Mode which is long overdue., who shares about his A lot since several weeks, so that turning of this water system to the Black color in full, just like a computer hardware system macOS.

Recent leaks indicate that iOS 13 will provide an important feature for users of tablet devices iPad, an adjustment feature of the windows inside the application just like a browser, so that it will be possible to open more than one window simultaneously within the app and delivered on the screen and the possibility to move freely.

Gestures to undo and improvements to Safari

Other features coming for the new are gestures by the keyboard., the So that it will be possible to put 3 fingers simultaneously on the keyboard to undo a certain action is text, and allows scrolling left and right for the user to undo actions and return, says that Apple design a quick tutorial that shows users the way to work this feature.

The Safari browser will have a share of improvements too. Currently, when you aren’t websites compatible with screen size of the iPad, the browser automatically displays the content size of the mobile, and users need to move to desktop mode manually when needed, but in the new browser, the desktop will be displayed by default.

Other improvements the base interface of the new page storage, and improvements in the e-mail as an addendum to the messages are organized in separate categories such as travel and shopping just like Gmail with the possibility to search in categories and users can also add messages to the queue ‘to read later’.

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