IOS 13.2 reveals the error from the trackers AirTag expected

Put Apple two days ago, the iOS update to 13.2, which he carried with him the many features an iPhone in general and iPhone 11 particularly the most important of which is the advantage of Deep Fusion definitely which will end imaging capabilities in the iPhone 11 Pro Research different to another level.

Noticed one of the users to the iOS update for 13.2 has created a new folder within the phone files which is called AirTag, this field course will be dedicated to the test Apple that were announced a short time ago which will be held depending on the segment U1 found in the iPhone 11.

What this means is that Apple is about to announce the stat of the New very soon, which will be used for tracking purposes and other devices with ease, where you can install one of those GPS trackers in the bag or in the laptop and then the user can locate it using the phone only.

Source: PhoneArena

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