IOS 12 up to approximately 72% of the users of the iPhone

IOS 12 يصل إلى ما يقرب من 72% من مستخدمي أيفون

The conflict between operating systems months globally of Android and IOS one of more areas of development taking place in many, many areas of development and conflict these days with the high rate of smartphone users around the world and with the conflict that exists between companies producing smart phones that are running with the Google Android to provide the best specifications at the lowest price may appear some problems that may be including the lack of interest of those companies to the client after the sale to provide good maintenance and updates to the security system in addition to providing new versions of the operating system first.

Think that the problem existing in the Android devices of poor after-sales service more characteristic of the Apple and the identity of its iPhone, on the other side it is known that the American company “Apple” take care of their customers to the maximum possible degree of system updates for older phones in addition to maintenance centers certified products in most countries of the world and are increasing around the world.

The latest statistical publications about the rate of users phones the iPhone around the world to issue the newest of the operating system your company’s IOS 12 numbers reflect what we talked about from Apple Care to its customers, including users of its phones old also

The number of users operating system IOS 12 on all devices sold in the last 4 years both were from the type of iPhone or iPad about 72% of total users while the users IOS version 11 some 21% this means that about 93% of the total users of the East, the smart sold in the last 4 years and got them to update the operating system he’s only 14 months at the latest which is a great achievement if compared with the users of Android.

IOS 12 يصل إلى ما يقرب من 72% من مستخدمي أيفون

According to statistics published by users of Android during the month of October last, more than 50% of the total users currently around the world use the system of Android version of Ariel or older versions of it and this will be just less than half of the users are the only ones who got them later versions Oreo and Nougat while more than 31% use versions older than 4 years which is a big problem for the operating system, which confirms the lack of support system if compared to the IOS from Apple.

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