iOS 12 the first system allows automatic connection to the emergency service

By the fall of 2018, will be the iOS operating system 12 associated with the first operating system that connects users automatically to emergency services and rescue fast, so after increasing the rate of complaints of interruption of the vocabulary of the communication between the victims of accidents, fire, critical health conditions, affected by crimes and the security agencies or rescuers responsible.

He stated a public spokesman for the company Apple they strive to care with the users of their products even in the most crucial cases useful that the automatic selection of the geographical location will help to save many lives by reducing the time interval between the incident and reaction to associated with.

He also added that this feature will be exclusive to the operating system iOS 12 which update the associated holders “for iPhone iPad” in the United States of America at the beginning of it and then re-circulated trade for the rest of the users in the rest of the world.

It is noteworthy that more than 80% of attempts to contact emergency services are received from mobile phones, which prompted the system developers at Apple to the disapproval of the old brown to address sudden-onset disasters and the search for new mechanisms to communicate with them.

Also recall that Apple topped the list of interested victims of Emergency since the year “2015” the past when they adopted the initiative “the Hybridized Emergency Location” or the location of the emergency on the “HELO“. And initiative in the folds of a sophisticated mechanism for identifying the position of the victim by No. Tower technical track of a network cellular communication system “GPS” in addition to the nearest point of the network ground communication WIFI .

Take Apple this mechanism is under serious consideration after the permit stating the cooperation with the company “Rapid-SOS“, which is an American company headquartered New York City using protocols developed in Access users ‘ data and locations of call to share this data with the system of “HELO” in the case of the Declaration of a state of Emergency to assess the response time to the fastest extent possible, between the victim and the users of the iOS software, specializing in reception centres for emergency calls.

Confirmed the Apple that this mechanism will not respond to do not track path and direction and locate it unless it was to save the emergency situations, as it will not enable any hand-out from receiving such calls processing centers of the emergency just where users in need of assistance.

In the latest statistics of the emergency centres, it turns out that more than 230 million conversation emergency performed annually in the USA and can independence, about 6000 office connection $ 25, 000 of an automated system to various types of emergencies, such as regulations by the carriers own “aweber” to provide the maximum degree of safety in tracking and speed of response desired.

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