iOS 12 Launcher for that Android

In mid-October, Google employee said on the prevalence of the Android Pie among the owners of the Google Pixel. The update has been installed on at least 75% of the members of the flagship of the line, like as not inferior to the latest iOS version. To support the device from the competitive camp will allow iOS Launcher 12. The app mimics the appearance menu of the iPhone and adds the devices on the green robot a little premium.

Attempts to change the Android interface for iOS with the help of launchers — old idea. But if a couple of years ago, the efforts of programmers over a weak result, today the apps really make the smartphones like iPhone. iOS Launcher 12 is no exception.

According to the developers, the inspiration for creating the app was iPhone X. Recall that he became a pioneer among the devices with a narrow part and a recess in the top of the display. Most important, however, gestures in which the models and use its capabilities.

iOS 12 Launcher really changes the menu and control points. In the left part of the screen is lock icon activate the flashlight right the camera. Window shortcuts extends from the top. There are settings, calendar, calculator, stopwatch, brightness level and other useful features. To unlock use the swipe up.

Not without widgets on the left screen. Affinity also adds a special Wallpaper designed in the same style.

For launcher requires at least Android 4.4 support. If your smartphone is older, some functions may not work.

Mostly users complain about the abundance of advertising. Another minus icons. Less popular applications are unlikely to receive a separate image, so there is a possibility of repeating icons.

While iOS 12 Launcher a bit of weight and stable. The program is unlikely to become a full-fledged replacement of the standard shells, but at least will entertain friends and allow you to fall in love with Android even more.

App: iOS 12 Launcher
Developer: OS Applications
Category: Personalization
Price: Free (with in-app purchases)
Download: Google Play

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