iOS 12: how to use the statistics feature new battery

This topic iOS 12: how to use the statistics feature new battery back to the world of Apple.

Was the battery life of iPhone is of growing concern, especially since the weakening of performance at the end of last year. But iOS 12 new stuck this problem by providing the user with statistics improved from the battery.

Paired with the programme of the Screen Time the new help statistics enhanced battery system iOS 12 users to get a better picture of how they use their devices understanding of system resources and more. While the iOS system 11 provides some data of the battery, but iOS 12 brings more details, including charts.

Note: is currently not available to iOS 12 but for application developers, however, it is likely version to work soon.

iOS 12: how to use the statistics feature new battery

  1. Open the settings app
  2. Swipe down and press on the battery
  3. You can view the statistics of the last 24 hours or last 10 days
  4. In addition, you can switch between battery usage by app (a tick will appear %) or the time of use by the application

ميزة إحصاءات البطارية iOS 12

Besides the graphic for the battery level and time of use as described above, the iOS system 12 analysis of the use and activated, and also the company closed.

ميزة إحصاءات البطارية iOS 12

In addition to being these data useful to understand the usage better, it can also be fascinating to track which apps used more power than expected.

This topic iOS 12: how to use the statistics feature new battery back to the world of Apple.

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